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Welcome to Justice for Children, an organisation formed in view of the rising levels of poverty which were accompanied by escalating legal fees making it impossible for many to access justice. The HIV and AIDS pandemic also weighed in with the problems of orphanhood, child headed households and denial of children’s rights in cases like inheritance. Child abuse in all forms was on the increase and the children needed support as they go through the justice system.

Justice for Children Welcomes Mrs Petronella Nyamapfene

Dear Partners,

Following the departure of Director Caleb Mutandwa effective the 31st of July 2017, the Board of Justice for Children is pleased to welcome Mrs Petronella Nyamapfene as Director incumbent with immediate effect.  The Board applauds the milestones covered by Mr Mutandwa during his tenure and wishes him well in his pursuit of new horizons...
Legal Aid

Legal Aid

This is the core programme of the organisation in which children, mostly through their parents or guardians and custodians, are given legal assistance in criminal and civil cases.

Legal Education

Legal Education

The organisation empowers adults and children on child protection laws and procedures through workshops, awareness campaigns and meetings so that they take appropriate action, including seeking legal redress, where children’s rights are violated.

Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy

Justice for Children carries out researches on issues affecting children and documents the findings which are then used to lobby and advocate for policy and law reform.


Justice for Children has projects which cut across its programmes. It works in schools and communities. Our main areas of focus are child protection laws and child rights and responsibilities.

Stories of Significant Change

Bester Moyo Bringing Change to Budiriro Community

As a community focal person trained by JCT, Ms. Bester Moyo is very active on child protection issues within the community. It therefore came as no surprise when she was incorporated into one of the local schools’ School Development Committee (SDC). Ms. Moyo did not wait to look at the legal issues only but at all issues affecting children in the area. One of the issues that caught Ms. Moyo’s eye was the continuos flow of raw sewage at the school which put the health of the children at risk. Ms. Moyo took the matter to the school headmaster who made efforts to contact the Municipal authorities so that they could come and repair the burst sewer pipe...

Esther’s Story: Different faces of Gender Based Violence

Esther, a 19 year old mother to a 2 year old girl, approached the JCT in tears seeking assistance to gain custody of her child in April 2015. Esther reported that she had fled from her matrimonial home amid threats of being killed by Misheck, the father of her child. She had left the child who was asleep and had gone back the following day with her brothers but they had not been given the child.

Samuel’s Story: Every Child Deserves a Second Chance

Samuel who is 13 years old was doing grade 6 in 2014 in Tsholothso. His mother went to South Africa, leaving him under the care and custody of his blind maternal grandmother and grandfather. His father was unknown to the maternal grandparents. Samuel was charged with three counts of rape and three counts of indecent assault. He was accused of raping three grade 3 girls from his school in Tsholotsho aged between seven and eight years old.
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