Justice For Children (JCT) is a nongovernmental organisation which was established in December 2002 as a Trust under Trust Deed Number MA1300/02. The organisation's Founding Trustees were Petronella Nenjerama-Nyamapfene, Caleb Mutandwa, Thomas L. Machinga and John Nyamapfene.

The organisation was registered with the Law Society of Zimbabwe on the 26th of February 2004 to provide legal aid to orphans and vulnerable children below the age of 18 years. Its lawyers are registered both with the High Court of Zimbabwe and the Law Society of Zimbabwe. It was later registered with the Department of Social Services as a Private Voluntary Organisation under PVO07/12.

The organisation was formed in view of the rising levels of poverty which were accompanied by escalating legal fees making it impossible for many to access justice. The HIV and AIDS pandemic also weighed in with the problems of orphanhood, child headed households and denial of children’s rights in cases like inheritance. Child abuse in all forms was on the increase and the children needed support as they go through the justice system. There was also general lack of knowledge on the laws and policies that protect children hence their rights would be violated without having recourse to the justice system. These factors are still prevailing in Zimbabwe.


A Zimbabwe in which
all children have access
to justice and enjoy their
human rights.


Justice for Children ensures access to justice to and the enjoyment of human rights by all children below the aged of 18 years through:

  • The provision of legal aid to children in difficult circumstances
  • Empowering the children and adults on child protection laws and child rights and responsibilities, and
  • Research on issues affecting children and advocating for reform.

Core Values

JCT is driven by child centeredness,
teamwork, dedication, sensitivity,
professionalism, transparency, accountability,
confidentiality and innovation.
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