Our Successes: Legal Aid from 2003 to 2015

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  • JCT established partnership with government and civic society organisations resulting in the strengthening of referral pathways.


  • JCT enhanced access to justice in communities through legal aid mobile clinics, Community Focal Persons (CFPs) and Volunteer Lawyers.


  • JCT remained and is regarded a specialised organisation dealing with children’s legal issues hence the referrals by other organisations like the courts and other legal aid organisations. 


  • JCT opened offices in Mutare in May 2010 and in Bulawayo in February 2011 which resulted in expansion of geographical coverage. Through various partnerships, JCT has also managed to expand into other geographical areas such as Chegutu, Chinhoyi, Bindura, Makoni and Beitbridge.


  • Promoting the enjoyment of children’s rights by children themselves through the legal aid services given.


  • Promoted effective justice system.


  • Improved implementation of child protection laws.


  • Expanded the target to children in conflict with the law. This was mainly achieved through support from Save the Children and Plan International.


  • JCT remained a legitimate justice for children partner for stakeholders such as government and civic society organisations who relied on it in children’s legal cases.


  • The organisation used the Constitution to ensure that children enjoy their rights as enshrined therein and in international Human Rights instruments for instance the Constitutional Case on Corporal Punishment.


  • Enhancement of case management strategy by developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS).


  • The organization managed to expand its range of cases to cover other areas like damages and children in contact with the law


  • JCT, through various trainings, have strengthened the Community Focal Persons capacity to provide basic legal assistance in communities.

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