Our Successes: Legal Education Programme From 2003-2015

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  • Improved capacity of stakeholders in the justice for children sector such as the Magistrates, the Police and the Prosecutors who then implemented child protection laws and ensure the enjoyment of rights by children.


  • Increased child participation as school children trained formed clubs where they raised awareness on child protection laws, children’s rights and responsibilities.  Many JCT club members go on to be selected in the Junior Parliament and the Junior Council.


  • Increased awareness on child protection issues such as children’s rights and responsibilities which resulted in increased reporting of cases.


  • Expanded geographical area but it then shrinked as the funding dwindled.


  • Strengthened child protection at community level by empowering child peer facilitators, Community Focal Persons, Community Case care Workers and Child Protection Committee members.


  • Change of attitudes and approaches by stakeholders such as health officers and school authorities such as issuing children their birth records despite pending bills and enrolling children without birth certificates respectively.


  • The club patrons who have moved to new schools or areas have continued with JCT activities. One Patron moved to Igava High School in Marondera where he formed a JCT Club that includes Primary school pupils.


  • JCT became the organisation of choice by other stakeholders in terms of trainings on child protection laws. It has been engaged by organisations such as

    World Vision, Childline, Medicines San Frontiers (MSF), World Education Incorporated and the Judicial Service Commission.

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