Changing children’s lives through promoting access to justice-Kindernothilfe (KNH)

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Justice for Children entered into partnership with Kindernothilfe (KNH) in Project titled "Changing children’s lives through promoting access to justice." The Project focuses on Matebeleland Region. Its objectives are:

  • To complement the efforts of other stakeholders in the child rights arena by providing quality and effective free legal services to children in civil and criminal matters.
  • To empower the stakeholders and society on child protection laws and procedures to enable children to access justice.
  • To research and advocate for legal, policy and attitude change in matters affecting children.

The Project strengthens community structures to respond to children's issues. Community Focal Persons, School Club Patrons and Child Peer Educators have been trained. School clubs have been formed and the Community Focal Persons are promoting access to justice by empowering communities through awareness campaigns, community dialogues and providing basic legal advice and assistance in matters affecting children.



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