Evidence of Empowerment

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The trained children established Child Law Forum Clubs at their schools and are currently disseminating their acquired knowledge to their peers.

Views from a JCT Club Member on Corporal Punishment

Mpumelelo Primary School Head, in Bulawayo, highlighted that club members from the school carried out a door to door awareness campaign on birth registration and 10 out of 19 children who had no birth certificates were registered. St Peter’s Primary School Head, in Bulawayo, Mr. Sithole stated that the JCT club at his school was working towards the creation of a safe and child friendly school environment. Cases of bullying which were rampant at his school have declined since the commencement of the JCT club activities. This is a clear indication of the significance of the JCT clubs in schools.

Members from Different Clubs in Bulawayo

One child who had been trained in Epworth reported a case of his peer who was being abused but was not reporting the matter to the police. Through assistance from a JCT CFP, the matter was reported and the perpetrator brought to book. This showed the impact of the trainings, as children are now able to identify cases of abuse of their peers in their communities and take action to change the situation.

A Chegutu CFP came up with a community register which shows the number of vulnerable children in a community and the services they need in order to improve their situation. This approach will improve evidence based programming and may also serve as a best practice to be replicated by other CFPs in their communities.


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